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Your rant on your Twilight tattoo is perfect. Like seriously, go you for doing what makes you happy and not standing for anyone who puts you down. I bet the tattoo is absolutely beautiful and i equally share your love for twilight and am not a 12 year old stupid girl. Hope you're having a nice day x

Thank you. I’m just so tired of it. If people want to mock Twilight and hate Twilight I say go for it. Hating its fans is another story all on its own and just stupid. Good on you for loving Twilight! :)

Twilight. A rant.

Okay, so this rant comes from a school mate of mine making a comment on my Twilight tattoo last week. I have the logo from Twilight on my left foot, and I love it. It’s there because I love it, all other reasons are my own and mine alone. This guy, sees the tattoo for the first time because it’s hot so I’m wearing a pair of ballerina shoes, and he says “oh my fucking god, please tell me that’s not what I think it is!”

I turn to him, look him blank in the eye, and say “I think the fact that what I put on my body bothers you to such an extent is more than a little pathetic.”

This particular person stopped in his step, thought for a moment, and replied “that’s true, good answer, you’re right,” which is rather good I think. But it’s not the first time I’ve received similar reactions and it won’t be the last. And I’m tired of it and I cannot understand why so many people seem to think that this kind of behavior is okay.

First of all, not everyone who likes Twilight is a 12 year old idiot of a girl. Probably very few of the people who likes Twilight is a 12 year old idiot of a girl, but some are bound to be, statistically. Second of all, what I like is my business and mine alone and only if I invite you to share your opinion are you entitled to do so. If we’re talking about respect and all that, at the very least.

See, I’m tired of being met with mockery, hateful comments, belittling and other disrespectful bullshit just because I love Twilight. Because yes, I do love Twilight. I’m 25 years old and I fucking love Twilight. For a lot of good reasons, that I have no problem explaining, but the thing is that I shouldn’t have to. I should feel entitled to love something without feeling forced to provide a valid reason. Me loving Twilight is reason enough, no one has the right to pressure me or bully me for a more detailed explanation.

People are also not entitled to assuming that I’m an idiotic girl who wants to be in an abusive relationship simply because I love Twilight. First of all, I’m not an idiot, and second of all I’ve been in an abusive relationship and it nearly killed me and I’d rather die than be in one again. I don’t have to justify shit by telling you this, but I’m doing it this one time simply because I’m so fucking tired of all of this. I’m not going to sit around and be all “Edward and Bella’s relationship is super healthy” because it’s not. If it was reality it’d be super frightening and if I was her friend I’d advice her to end it. The point is that Twilight is not reality and people need to not treat it as if it was. Loving Twilight is not supporting abusive relationships. Loving Edward and Bella is not supporting abusive relationships. It means that you’ve found something in the story and their relationship appealing and in this fictional world you love it. 

I mean, if Star Wars was real we’d all want to punch Luke in the face because he kissed his own sister, but since Star Wars isn’t real we’re all ok with it because after all he didn’t know and neither did she. We don’t throw hate towards that incestuous kiss because we know it’s not real and in that fictional world it was excusable. The same logic needs to be applied to Twilight. Because although that relationship - in the real world - would be highly abusive, in theirs it’s not. It’s not about Edward wanting to control Bella’s every move because he’s a jerk who wants to break her spirit down so he can get sex from her whenever he wants regardless of whether she wants it or not (which is what my abusive relationship was like). It’s about Edward loving Bella so much that he doesn’t know how to act anymore (his brain stopped developing at 17, he’s still clearly incredibly immature and a bit of an idiot), and all he wants is for her to know how special she is, and he wants to know everything about her, because he’s that interested in her as a person, as a human being. But I’m not going to dig deeper into that, because I can’t be bothered.

The point is that Twilight isn’t real, and fans (in general, there’s always an exception) know that, and that’s why they can love the story. It’s not real. So they’re not supporting a real life abusive relationship.

That’s like saying I support murderers in real life because I love Saw and root for John Kramer (Jigsaw) and not the people he places in traps. Hell. No. If Saw was reality I’d hate John Kramer just as much as the next person and I’d feel sick just thinking about what he’s done to people. But he is not real. John Kramer is not a person who exists and lives in this world, and the people he has killed are not real. The only encounters we have with him is in a fictional world where we are given a bigger picture and a completely different perspective created so that we’ll feel empathy with a murderer. And a lot of people do feel empathy with John Kramer because of how he’s portrayed in that fictional world. That doesn’t mean that all Saw fans support murders in real life!And in that same way, being a fan of Twilight does not mean you support abusive relationships in real life.

Now I can’t tell you why other people love Twilight but I can tell you why I do. I love Twilight for what it is. Because for a while I get to enter an uncomplicated world and I get to spend some hours swooning over a few perfect male characters who clearly lack flaws and are too dreamy for words. My own life is a complicated mess 99% of the time, so sometimes it’s nice to be allowed to dive deep into a world where the worst thing that can happen to you is that your boyfriend (who happens to be a sparkling vampire) decides to leave you - but in the end he comes back, yaaay! So yeah, I’ll own it, I love Twilight to bits and reading the books still makes me happy to the core and even the movies touch my heart and make me cry. When I read the last page of Breaking Dawn I was crying because I knew how much I was going to miss experiencing new things with the characters. When the very beautiful montage of all the characters who has been in any of the Twilight movies came on at the end of the Breaking Dawn part 2 while A Thousand Years part 2 was playing I cried too. Because I love that world, the characters, the story. And I’m not ashamed to. And I should never be shamed for it.

I’m 25 years old. I’m smart. I read a lot and I’m pretty educated. I’ve been reading since I was six, I read Stephen King’s IT when I was 9 and The Lord of the Rings when I was 10 and I probably read around 50 books a year at least and my favorite author is Dean Koontz. I’m well read. So no one has a right to tell me that the only reason I love Twilight is because I’m incapable of reading “real” literature. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books a bunch of times, I’ve read classic literature like To Kill a Mockingbird and Lord of the Flies (and other works too) so it’s not like I haven’t read other works of fiction. And loved other works of fiction. Loving Twilight does not mean I’m an idiot. It does not mean I don’t read other books or genres of literature. It does not mean I support abusive relationships. It does not mean I’d date Edward Cullen if he was real. It does not mean that you get to mock me, humiliate me, bash me, look down on me, belittle me or treat me like absolute shit.

Loving Twilight does not make me any less of a human being, stop acting as if it does and as if you have the right to treat me accordingly. You don’t have to love Twilight, you’re entitled to hate it all you want and have whatever opinions on it that you want. But if you want me to respect your opinion you better fucking respect mine. 

That is my rant and that’s how I genuinely feel.

Thanks and goodbye!


So I’ve watched Frozen a couple of times since I first discovered it yesterday (yeah, long after everyone else, I know I know) and I do love it dearly. I mean, it offers a bit of everything really, and what I love most is that although romance is present in the end that’s not what the movie is about. It’s about loving yourself, accepting yourself, and loving your family. Two things though, one positive and one that I would’ve wished they’d done differently.

1. Hans. No, but seriously, let’s talk about Hans. A total jerk, for sure, and deserves what he gets. But let’s for a moment think about how damn smart he is. First he makes a plan to get Anna to marry him, so that he will essentially get his foot into their kingdom and “win” over his many brothers. But then he realizes that nothing is what it seems and his original plan alone isn’t going to work. So he re-works it and re-vamps it and comes up with a better plan and then at the end of the day he adjusts it a couple more times as he notices how things play out. I mean, that’s some real creativity and brains right there. Sure, he was a bad person and all that jazz but damn he was smart. I love them including a bad guy that wasn’t stupid for once and was a master of manipulation and not in any way/shape/form obvious. I also love the subtle little clues that you didn’t get before you’d seen the ending but when you re-watch it you’re like “oh my god, of couuuurse”. Perfect skills right there.

2. Orphan girls. Now, don’t get me wrong, I thought the plot-twist with the parents dying was good, because it works great for the story. It also helps show how lonely the two sisters really are. The parents did work like a sort of gateway between the sisters regardless of whether they interacted directly with each other or not. But then they die and that bridge is lost. However, I would have loved for one-two of the staff members to have been given a bigger role. It just doesn’t feel plausible that there wouldn’t be someone on the staff that at least Anna could have connected more with. Formed a bond with. Sure she wasn’t allowed outside the walls but there were still people inside of them even if they were few. I would’ve liked there to be at least a couple of scenes really touching this fact, because I have a hard time seeing how Anna wouldn’t connect with anyone at all. I understand why Elsa wouldn’t, but Anna… surely there’d have been a maid, a nurse, an anything, that she could have bonded with? And if that’s true then they should have shown it. It would have made it a warmer movie, especially when the end comes because it felt like no one really grieved the Queen freaking out or the Princess “dying”. They could have just had a five second scene, with their nanny/maid/whoever standing in a corner with her shoulders slumped and with tears running down her cheek. To show that Anna did touch someone’s heart at least, because surely she must have.

Other than that though I friggin’ love this movie to pieces. And that’s just a minor, minor flaw. Aaand now I’ll stop overanalyzing it and go away.